Monday, August 30, 2010

corn-yellow dent seeds: germination

  • dent corn will germinate and emerge slowly and unevenly when the soil temperature is below 50F
  • enough moisture must be available in the soil for the seed to consume 30% of its total weight in water in order for germination to occur
  • the first part of the seed to emerge is the "radical"
  • the ideal growing point is usually 1-1.5 in. below the surface of the soil
  • if the soil is too wet then the seed could decay
  • soil should be between 70-85F for ideal germination


  1. - high tolerance to high winds and rain fall
    -requires high fertility, especially nitrogen
    -corn is wind pollinated
    -lodge tolerant, and drought tolerant, is able to adapt to most soils and climates

  2. -revered for its adaptability and dependability in southern heat and soils

    -average analysis is 9.9% protein

    -85/110 days

    - cross between 'Gordon Hopkins', light red variety, and early yellow flint variety

    - stalks with 9" double ears

  3. This is a lot of good information to begin an introduction. Now take this information and organize it outline style and add to it to finalize an introduction.
    I caution you on not including information that does not belong to germination. Keep the information focused. Please make sure you post your attributions online. Your experimental design can start with temp, moisture and maybe soil?